Lets play NAME THAT YARN! Happening now on FACEBOOK

Simply suggest a name for the skeins I post to Facebook for a chance to win!
I will randomly choose a winning comment and the winner will receive a 15% off discount for any one handdyed skein!! Plus an entry into the grand prize which is a super sized 200 gram skein of alpaca yarn!! (Winners Choice!!) If you win, and use your discount to purchase the skein you named you will receive 3 entries! 
The draw for the grand prize will take place once all my un-named skeins are named.
If something sells before it is named I will remove it from the game.
To redeem your coupon you can purchase any skein that is listed on Etsy (named or un-named) Please send me an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
 Winners! The new Names! (And links to my Etsy Shop where you can make it yours!) Just click the name! 
1 Katelyn Berry Lilac-to-Knit Bulky Weight
2 Nikki McCloud Someone ate the vanilla part of the Neapolitan Icecream Check out the new Buy both and save option!  Worsted Weight
3 Angela Trapp Summer Storm Sock Weight
4 Donna Linton Butterwick Kimono  (SOLD)
5 Tammy Wheaton Mocha on a Winter Night Chunky Weight
6 Anita Miller Coenen Nesting Bluebirds Sock Weight
7 Jenny Chomiak Crimson Kiss Bulky Weight
8 Connie Davis Innocence (SOLD)
9 Vikki Perkins Meandering Streams Lace Weight
10 Ellicia Litte That 70's Shag Chunky Weight
11 Beth Countryman Into the Forest Lace Weight
12 Kim McGrath Lake Shores Bulky Weight
13 Candace Kunstman Peek a Blue Bulky Weight
14 Diane Jarvis Serenity (SOLD)
15 Jolene Campbell Lilac Dream Bulky Weight
16 Joey Wojtowicz Into the Night Bulky Weight
17 Christine Duckworth  Sunset Hues (Sock Weight) (SOLD)
Sunset Hues (Worsted Weight)
18 Anne D Horne Ashes & Embers (SOLD)
19 Susan Carroll Misty Morning Sock Weight
20 Robin Derkatz Neon Night (SOLD)
Also available in Bulky! (email to order)
21 Donna Linton Butterwick True Patriot Love
Also available in Bulky! (Just not listed quite yet so please email to inquire)
22 Lisa Fournier Donley Foggy Day in London Town Sock Weight
23 Anne Day Purple Haze Worsted Weight
24 Tracy Anne Sea Glass Strands Sock Weight
Also available in Worsted (sold)
25 Crystal Bartholomew Lilly Pond Worsted Weight
26 Chrisie Merriman Prairie Summer Skies In Sock Weight 
Or Worsted Weight
27 Christine Duckworth McHugh Subtle Seas In Sock Weight 
Or Worsted Weight
28 Patricia Anthony Mourning Dove In Sock Weight
29 Kateryn Rochon Blue me Away In Sock Weight 
Or Worsted Weight
30 Mandy Luhn Not a Cloud in the Sky In Sock Weight 
Or Worsted Weight
31 Rebecca Sommers Cramer Bliss in Blue In Sock Weight 
Or Worsted Weight
 32 Helen Fleming Whispering Beach Sock Weight
 33 Crystal Bartholomew View from the Moon Pencil Roving

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